Dhow tours

Sunset has a private traditional dhow for charter. The 6 meter-long ‘Aurora’ comes equipped with a cool box and snacks. Picnics are available on request the night before. Our crew will welcome you aboard and escort you to Ilha, or Chocas-Mar, to the College, or to the surrounding desert islands and the coral reef. If you have never sailed in a dhow before, this is a must-do. And if you are an old hand, you will probably want to book in for another gentle sail. Sailing usually also requires wading into and out of the dhow, so bring beach shoes you can use to walk in water and a hat.


Take your pick from tuna & barracuda to parrot fish, on your own with a rod or with a group of local fishermen who will take you out and show you how the Macua fishermen have brought in their catch since they first settled on this Indian Ocean shore some 1000 years ago.

Water sports

The snorkeling is remarkable and, if you are lucky, you can not only see, but swim with dolphins. There are also giant sea turtles the size of a small army tank, and, in September – November, there is whale-watching too. wind surfing, kite surfing,

Local History Guided Tours

Guided tours of the many local monuments, churches and ruins are available on request.


Mossuril District is full of the most beautiful and exotic birds. Bird-watchers can enjoy spotting sea eagles, egrets, flamingos, pelicans, weaver birds, hoopoes and dozens more. Picnics and folding chairs are available on request

Medicinal Plant Tours

Witch doctors, known as curandeiros, in Portuguese, still play an important role in everyday life in Mossuril. Sunset hosts a typical, genuine curandeiro’s hut in its garden complete with white and red banners traditionally used to heal the sick. Most of the traditional cures are plant-based. Morripa, a local leader and also a remarkable medicinal plant specialist can guide you through a new world of hidden secrets and magical cures. Guests wishing to attend an actual traditional healing ceremony can do so on request with a minimum of 3-days notice. Most traditional ceremonies from most other African ethnic groups exclude outsiders or visitors. It is one of the many unique characteristics of Macua society that friendly strangers can actually see and get inside the local culture.

Arts and Crafts

By appointment, meet some of the local craftsmen. On Saturday mornings, go on a guided visit (or wander there by yourself) to Mossuril’s weekly market known as the Feira. Here you can buy local crafts at the real prices local people pay for the baskets, spoons, ladles, etc that are to be found in every mud hut.

Kayak mangrove tours

Paddle through the mangroves in a hand-made dug-out canoe. Discover the marine forests that not only provide the nursery of the Indian Ocean but also protect the coast from e.g. Tsunamis.

Salinas (Salt) tour

Salt production is the main industry of Mossuril. There are 32 salt producers all with salt flats and pans fed by the Indian Ocean and tended by local people in a labour-intensive activity that has scarcely changed for centuries. Visit the Salinas and see for yourself how salt is extracted from the sea. Buy Mossal Indian Ocean bath or culinary salts to take home as a souvenir. Packaged in dhow sailcloth and tied with coconut string and shells, the natural look of Mossal will be a perfect reminder of your visit: back home in your own bath tub, in a Mossal bath you can close your eyes and feel yourself floating in the warm salty waters of Mossuril Bay

Island Tours

Take traditional dhow tours at friendly Mozambican prices. You can visit

1. (Ilha) Mozambique Island

With its millennial history it is now a UNESCO World Heritage site. From its massive Fortress of São Sebastião, to its museum, palaces, ruins, churches and mosques, to its restaurants, bars and markets. A visit to Ilha is a must. Like Zanzibar, Ilha has its grand stone city and its local, ramshackle macuti (= palm thatch) city.

2. Goa Island

So called for its strategic place on the old Trade Route to Goa (India) with its 19th century lighthouse, sunken mangrove forest, turtle haven and fabulous white beach.

3. Sete Paus Island

With transparent sea, lovely shells and powdery white sand

4. Senna Island

With its internal lake and a microcosm of unique plants that drove a German Botanist to study it in the 19th century and extol its rare flora in an equally rare book.

5. Antillhas Island

Once a beach playground and now a desert island with a beach

6. Numerous smaller islands

Where visitors can wander at will exploring the flora and fauna and bathing in absolute seclusion.


Sunset offers the following residential courses for groups of up to 20 participants:
  1. Screenwriting
  2. Creative writing
  3. TV and filming
  4. Sculpture
  5. Macua drumming
  6. Medicinal Plants
  7. Fusion Cuisine
  8. Eco-building the Macua way
More information about Sunset’s courses is available on request via