College of Tourism

The College of Tourism was founded in 2004 by UK novelist Lisa St Aubin de Teran and the Dutch entrepreneur, Mees van Deth together with some local developers. It is an initiative of Teran Foundation ( It gives free hotel training and free food to about 30 local villagers each year. It also aims to create jobs in tourism. It currently employs over 70 local men and women – 10 of whom work at Sunset. The College teaches maths, spoken Portuguese, English IT, adult literacy, and nutrition as well as hotel training. Helped by numerous Mozambican and international volunteers, the College also organizes cultural events such as concerts and theatre, parties and discos. There are two training restaurants: ‘2 Coqueiros’ in Cabaceira Grande (behind the College which is housed in a national monument) and ‘Sunset Boulevard’ in Mossuril Sede. The College also has vegetable and herb gardens, a nursery school, community centres, womens’ groups etc. Visitors are always welcome, as are extra volunteers.