restaurant Local chefs will blend exquisite sea food with Zanzibari spices and African specialities such as matapa. Fresh herbs, salads and vegetables are grown organically by the College of Tourism. Meals are served with side dishes of home-made green mango chutney and a selection of spicy piri piri. There is Sushi with wasabi and slivers of freshly-grown ginger. There is roast lamb and roast chicken from the home-farm. The Frango Zambeziano, a garlicky, chicken dish simmered in fresh coconut milk is cooked to the special recipe of Felix, one of the College chefs and a native of Zambezia. There are recipes to delight the adventurous as well as simple catch of the day fish and chips.

restaurant Sunset caters for vegetarians and vegans (try Ancha’s green papaya curry – it’s delicious) Every Saturday evening there is a boma barbeque: guests sit inside a traditional African circle of sticks (boma) hung with oil lamps. Grilled tuna steaks are served under the stars round an open fire to the mesmeric rhythms of local drums. Desserts include: Tiramisú, chocolate mousse, peaches in brandy, and cinnamon rice pudding. Bar snacks include: home-made samosas (chamussas), fresh prawns, Italian bruschetta with tomato or home-made pesto.

Traditional Dance & Music

Traditional Dance This is Mozambique and the rhythm is everywhere, you can enjoy various different traditional dance groups who perform regularly at Sunset. As you will see, the dancers and drummers have their own wild party during the show. Whether you get up and join in, or sit back and watch, you will never forget such a traditional Macua evening.